Sr. Product Mgr

Sr. Product Mgr




Sr. Product Mgr

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Long Description 13;

Principal Accountabilities

In addition to the following Epsons policies and procedures, principle accountabilities include, but are not limited to:

Planning and Business Development

:Collaborate with the Commercial Direction in the determination of actions to implement in all the channels.
:Fulfill with the assigned sales quota and with the profitability objectives, market participation and company strategy about the products in the channel.
:Safeguard the Epson and acute;s image in the market.
:Act according to the standards manual of Epson labor practices
:Keep updated all the line products, related to purchases and inventories.
:Predict adequately the business for each period.
:Generate business opportunities and marketing actions to promote the products.
:Analyze available data about the market and customers, in order to detect opportunities and risks in his portfolio.
:Make a follow up of the objectives, identifying significant deviations and the causes that generate them, in order corrective actions, informing constantly to Direction.
:Analyze the customers requirements and advise them to define the best economic:technic offer for each one.
Performance and Commercial Techniques

:Manage and apply the forecast tools of sales volume.
:Supervise the points of sale and keep a good exhibition of products.
:Inform about competitors actions on time and form.
:Visit frequently the clients and potential clients.
:Present offers and negotiate searching the best for Epson and for the client.
:Ensure the products availability in the channel.
:Propose to each client an adequate stock for his operation.
:Analyze the causes of the stock cuts and its impact. Implement new procedures for auditing in future.
:Propose and obtain the clients compromise with the development plans.
:Make presentations of proposals (new products incorporation, promotional plans, etc.) noting the benefits for the customer.
:Consider the clients objections, identifying its real magnitude and contrast valid arguments.
:Provide follow up to the problems in order to assure fast and effective responses.
:Control the products and inventories rotation with each client.
:Organize promotional events, assure the delivery of POP material, control that the suggested prices are respected, keep informed of the status in the points of sale and interact with the Marketing department to generate new actions, according to the needs.
Work Organization and Time Administration

:Make in a clear way and delivery on time and form, the routine reports and the special requests.
:Keep informed about the credit capacity of each client and the financial situation of them.
:Assist the customers call ups on time and form.
:Fulfill with his schedule and inform about his commercial visits, so the employee can be located in case that it and acute;s necessary.
:Fulfill with the offered to the clients, regarding information shipments, deliveries, etc.
Team Work and Interpersonal Relationships

:Guide, qualify, train and keep motivated the sales team and promotion of his clients.
:Collaborate with his superiors and the rest of the company in a dynamic and opportune way.
:Collaborate with other areas to facilitate managements like collections, customer service, etc.
:Team work with the entire group related to the business.

External Job Description 13;

Responsible for:

:Responsible for the product management and achievement of the sale objectives for the products lines and teams under their responsibility. Also, when applicable leads Product Managers team.
Collaborates with/Key Customers include:

:Service and Tech Support
:Sales Administration
:Promotion and Advertising
:Tech support Area
:Activation and events Agency
:Promotional suppliers
:PR Agency.
:Marketing manager
:Service Area
:Design Area
:Telemarketing Area

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